Beauty in the Bottle





The Container Village

At a glance

  • Skin Health
  • Acne Treatments
  • Aesthetic Treatments
  • Medical Grade Skincare
  • Low-grade Chemical Skin Peels
  • Envy Medical Dermal Infusion Facials
  • Profhilo Treatments
  • Aqua Gold Treatments
  • Tailored Facial Treatments
  • Deso Face - Fat Dissolving
  • Cryotherapy - Mole and Lesion Removal

Opening Hours

  • Mon – Sun: Appointments: 10:00am – 8.00pm

Hi I'm Sophie and I am the founder of Beauty In The Bottle Clinic. I am a medical practitioner of over ten years, with seven years direct experience as an Aesthetic Nurse and running my own business.

The business has been running since 2013 and I’ve been based in the Victoria Park area of Cardiff, with my clients coming from all over Cardiff and the surrounding areas. I’ve always been interested in Aesthetics and given I was a fully qualified Nurse at the Heath Hospital, the skills I had allowed me to explore this type of work. The industry has and continues to grow at an exciting pace, and when there are excellent new treatments and services that come available, I research them and gain the necessary training and accreditation to bring them to my clients.

For me, the really interesting thing about the Goodsheds is the diverse mix of businesses and outlets that you’ll have on the site, so my clients wont just be coming for an appointment with me, it will be more of a “day out” for them where they can do some shopping and have some lunch! Theres a great feel amongst the community of businesses already, and the whole concept of mixing work with social and leisure, is going to make this a great place to work and visit!

The ethos of the clinic is focused around skin health and skin confidence, and this is the foundation of everything we do with our clients. Getting this area right for each individual using tailored routines and products, acts as a strong preventative measure for most other treatments whilst enhancing their effectiveness when they are carried out.

As well as the tailored medical grade skincare, the clinic offers a variety of popular aesthetic treatments and non-surgical enhancements. This ranges from anti-wrinkle injections, facial contouring using dermal filler and lip enhancements. We also have a cutting-edge facial machine, the “Envy Dermal Infusion” which provides visible results on certain skin concerns and maintains skin health. There will also be new treatments coming to clinic when we open, that focus on getting the most out of you and the skin you’re in.

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