Labyrinth Records




The Container Village

At a glance

  • Provide a singular, contemporary record store experience.
  • Barry's only specialist record store
  • Work with the other vendors, in line with the Goodsheds community-driven ethos.

Labyrinth Records was founded by Tom Morgan, as a way to channel his passion for music history and its future that he’s so interested in. From his involvement with the Cardiff music scene to writing for multiple music magazines, Tom lives, breathes and eats music.

Labyrinth Records was born of Tom’s desire to exhibit high quality music in Barry, ranging from the classics to the contemporary boundary-pushers. Tom’s belief is that the Goodsheds will be the ideal place to become a cultural hub and hopes that Labyrinth will fit squarely into its vision.

Labyrinth Records is a twenty-first century record shop, stocked entirely with new, carefully-selected vinyls. We aim to provide a fresh, modern service, with an online presence to match this. We hope to fit comfortably within the Goodsheds project’s aesthetic, by providing a forward-thinking, unique experience.

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