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With over 15 years experience in creating ceramic pieces, Matthew Jones Ceramics has opened its flagship store in the heart of the Goodsheds’ community. Based in The Toad, a converted GWR Brake Carriage, you’ll find our beautifully hand thrown pottery and our pottery workshop space.

Come and have a go at creating your own ceramic pieces in our pottery workshops. Matthew guides you through all the steps and is right on hand to help you when you need it. Our pottery workshops are hugely popular and can be booked on our website. They’re fun, creative, messy and are a perfect gift, a truly special date night, a perfect “try something new” experience and a great way to have fun with your friends.

Or come in and view our pottery shop. Our pieces are all handmade in our pottery studio by Matt. There we create bespoke tableware and home decor for everyday use using our unique glazes. It’s taken Matt a long time ,and quite a few pots, to create a form and finish that is not a meaningless cycle or mere duplication but has a life and spirit of its own. As Matt creates each piece he aims to capture the essence of this statement in his work.

As a small batch, studio pottery company each of our pieces is meticulously crafted with heart, soul and skill. They all have their own unique characteristics that define each piece giving you something to find that is special and for you to fall in love with. We can’t wait to welcome you in and see which pieces you fall in love with!


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  • Unit: 10

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