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At a glance

  • Vegan food and drink
  • Healthy juices
  • Great conversations
  • Fitness fuel
  • Compassionate philosophy
  • Health boosting opportunities
  • Fresh, contemporary interior design
  • Meal Deals

What's happening! Kai and Jake here, Jake and I have been friends for a short while now, you would never expect us to go into business together, let alone share so many similarities.

We are both fitness heads, hip-hop lovers, self certified wizards in the kitchen, big lovers of all animals, extremely family orientated, we live life on the edge and thrive on new experiences and can’t help but dive headfirst into new opportunities that present themselves no matter how ridiculous they may seem, we’re neurotic as hell if we aren’t making work for ourselves and of course we are both proud vegans that still haven’t died of nutrient deficiencies yet! 😉


A bit of background insight into the business, how it started, and good things about the Goodsheds and reasons for setting up there

Mother Nature first started at the beginning of the year in February 2020 just before Covid hit. We’ve endured the eye of the storm and are here to stay until told otherwise.Mother Nature Cafe, Cardiff is an innovative vegan restaurant with a casual twist, our juices at the site are so popular we decided to expand and launched ourselves at the opportunity to open a new store in the Goodsheds carriage!

What we do

Here at Mother Nature Juice Bar, we believe that it is necessary to give our physiology the tools it requires to fight off any unwanted Intruder, especially during such a challenging time in order to keep immunity levels at a maximum and mental health flourishing

We offer a wide variety of our favourite handmade juices, smoothies, m*lkshakes, soft drinks, snacks and sweets. We want to live our lives inline with our morals, which is why everything is 100% vegan and delicious!

With a contemporary twist on a beautifully refurbished carriage, we aim to bring together the local community combining compassion, health and flavour to form the core values of what we believe to be the key to a happy fulfilling life!


    Where to find Mother Nature Juice Bar

  • Zone: The Urban High Street
  • Unit: 4

Also at the The Urban High Street

*F = Floor | U = Unit

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