Siempre Aromas




The Tracks

My name is Rebecca and I am the owner of Siempre, which is based in Barry in South Wales. I have always been obsessed with the sense of smell from a young age and my love for home fragrances has grown massively over the years trying numerous products to keep my home smelling lovely.

Whilst working from home for a couple of years I wanted to get back to my creative roots as that’s where my passion has always been. This is where I began to research the world of wax extensively and after almost a year of experimenting, testing and creating, Siempre Aromas was born in November 2019.

Fast forward a year and I have opened my first shop in a train carriage and am part of an amazing development full of incredible independent businesses at The Goodsheds in Barry, Vale of Glamorgan. The first Home Fragrance shop on a train! How unique! The carriages are occupied by some highly talented crafters and we are known as The Makers.

All of my products are designed, created and handmade by myself and every part of the process is important to me and is done with love and care as my end goal is to fill each and every one of your homes and businesses with beautiful long lasting fragrances.

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