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Hi there. We are Failure Creative - a creative agency that helps big brands tell big stories.

We create, strategise and craft unique, meaningful, brand experiences that promote business growth. The tools we use to help our clients to achieve business growth are; branding, film, websites and design.

We know what you’re thinking – what’s with the name?

“The name actually has 2 purposes. The first is to create conversation – the worst thing we can be as businesses is forgetful. The name immediately opens dialogue and encourages intrigue towards the brand.

The secondary purpose of the name is to reflect our proposition. We’re in the business of creating and inventing, and we can’t invent and create truly new and useful experiences without seeing failure as a potential part of the process.

Failure began 5 years ago, having worked in one of Cardiff’s biggest media agencies, (with some amazing people and clients). But, I’m an adventurer at heart, so decided on the flip of a coin (literally!) to start my own journey – and the day after leaving, I registered ‘Failure’ as a business – hitting the ground running with big clients such as The Royal Mint, National Theatre Wales and Safran Group.” – Scott, Creative Director

Our team is a small group of passionate designers, videographers, coders, creatives and authentic people that just want to make good s**t for good people. We help brands stand out, after all – boring is bad for business.

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